Working Together

The Genealogy Services teams are made up of professional genealogists and family history experts with extensive research and genealogical experience—and more importantly, you.

Genealogy Research Corporation was founded in the early 1960s by Herbert J. Rose (1917-1984). Building on a tradition of integrity and effectiveness, Dennis Langel has expanded the world wide resources of Genealogy Services and added the latest in research techniques and technological tools. 

From the most experienced associate to our newest electronic researcher, the staff demonstrates professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm.


National Genealogical Society
NY Genealogical and Biographical Society
Brooklyn Historical Society
Connecticut Society of Genealogists
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
New Jersey Historical Society
Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State
Society of Professional Investigators, Inc.
National Assoc. of Investigative Specialists, Inc.
National Council of Investigation & Security Services

Forensic genealogists are frequently called upon to serve as research consultants and expert witnesses to support legal succession and litigation. We perform genealogy studies that often involve tracing through several generations to search for heirs. We establish kinship and provide documentation. GRC has been pivotal in establishing precedent in investigative techniques, evidence preparation and legal presentation.